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Welcome to the GTR VAR Program. Whether you’ve recently enrolled or are beginning to explore the GTR VAR Program, this is the place to begin. We’ll show you how becoming GTR VAR with the world’s leading Referral Platform that can help you thrive in one of the fastest growing segments of the technology industry.

We’ll discuss the details of the VAR program—how it works, the resources we provide, and what we ask of you.  You’re on the ground floor of a great thing. The elevator is waiting.

The GTR VAR Program  presents to you an enormous opportunity. The solution is transforming the referral business enabling companies existing sales forces to overcome the challenges making sales quota’s with an indirect channel.

It also offers in the same time the ability for the VAR to be compensated with a passive recurring income.

As a GTR VAR you have the unique opportunity of delivering customer solutions that are built on a state of the

art referral platform.  This platform is easy to adopt and ensures the end user guaranteed return on investment.

At GTR we are focus on a Win / Win formula for success.



Collaborate for success

GTR offers the support you need to be successful throughout your  partnership. As a VAR you’ll have access to the

GTR VAR portal, which is home to a rich set of VAR tools, VAR guidance, and VAR go-to-market resources to help you become a referral expert and drive business success.

Develop unrivaled expertise

GTR provides VAR’s with role-based training and GTR support which involves a dedicated account manager to ensure the successful use of our solutions.

Resell GTR Solutions

With the GTR VAR Program, you’ll be able to sell GTR Solutions directly to your customers. Participating GTR VAR’s can take advantage of license sales percentage revenue share which is a recurring revenue stream and grow their core business with a supplemental revenue and self fund their referral sales campaign.



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