About The Company and The Team

About the Company

GetTheReferral was conceived based on a real business need. In 2013, as the owner of a solar company, our CEO, Jamey Vumback, noticed the company was still using antiquated lead-generating methods. They were still "cold calling" and spending enormous amounts of money on outmoded forms of advertising such as call centers, direct mail, radio, and television. Given the excessive cost of these forms of advertising and the shrinking profit margin of the solar industry, merely breaking even was a lucky proposition.

He knew word-of-mouth was a tremendously valuable means of advertising, but the problem was:  How do you get friends, family, colleagues, and others to actively engage in the process of telling your story and referring your business? The answer would be: an easy platform to refer and reward customers.

His passion for business and technology made him come up with the idea of a downloadable app that people can carry around with them everywhere. You have a cost-effective automated method that easily drives high-quality word-of-mouth referrals to any business. And one year later, in 2014, "" was born.

Since then, GTR has built a presence with customers in 35 states and also in Puerto Rico, Canada, and Australia.

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Meet the Leadership Team

Jamey Vumback
Jamey Vumback
CEO | Founder
Jamey grew up on the East Coast in Connecticut and moved to San Diego in June 2017. He’d worked with AT&T for 25 years finishing his career there in 2008 as RVP of Sales and Marketing.
He launched GetTheReferral August of 2014. Building and growing GTR is his passion, the thing he loves the most is to see the co-workers grow and become part of this family. Connect with Jamey
Vic Rotelli

Vic grew up in Rome, Italy and moved to Connecticut at age 12, finally discovering California in 1999. He has scaled organizations ranging from Marketing technology to Saas companies. He is passionate about providing exceptional value to customers and working closely with his teams to help them achieve their goals. On his free time he is turning wrenches on classic cars and cruising PCH in one of his classics. He claims that they are better than a therapist.  Connect with Vic.

Ron Armstrong
Ron Armstrong
Director of Customer Success

Ron is from Tampa, Florida where he began sharpening his craft as a Customer Experience Executive with various Tech companies over the past decade. He is committed to ensuring his team removes any and every obstacle in your way to help grow your customer base through our fantastic software. He is an avid sports fan, who supports the Dallas Cowboys and Arsenal FC in English Football.Connect with Ron.

Charlene Moran
Charlene Moran
Director of People Operations

Charlene is originally from Massachusetts, and has been living in San Diego since 1987. Majoring in Psychology, Charlene found her sweet spot in Business and Leadership Development. Using Stephen Covey's The 7 Habits as a Bible, she considers her greatest accomplishments the growth and success of those she has served and the business she has elevated. Driven, impactful, focussed and fun are words used by many to describe her inspirational work style. Connect with Charlene

Eiko DoEspiritosanto
Eiko DoEspiritoSanto
Head of Product

Eiko grew up in Brazil and moved to San Francisco Bay Area in 1993. She brings over 20 years of experience working in technical field, shaping her passion for product development in Silicon Valley. Her most recent focus has been on scaling the products for new market and/or business growth. On her free time she enjoys being outdoors, hiking or just relaxing surrounded by nature. Connect with Eiko

Abner Vega
Abner Vega
Sr Director of Finance

Born in Puerto Rico, grew up in the Chicagoland area. He's a seasoned, goal-focused professional with a demonstrated record of providing trusted, strategic leadership and oversight as a financial business partner. A leader wich he is successful in building, directing and motivating teams. He enjoys sports and is very competitive, currently enjoys playing golf for his competitive fix. Connect with Abner