Why a Quality Customer Experience is Important to a Growing Business

Av Mikayla Martinsen • November 15, 2021
A positive customer experience (CX) is something that most people hope for when interacting with any...
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The GTR Leadership & Planning Retreat 2021 - Part 2

Av Mikayla Martinsen • November 8, 2021
Last week, we shared some key takeaways from Robert Magee following his speech at our 2021 Leadershi...
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The GTR Leadership & Planning Retreat 2021 - Part 1

Av Mikayla Martinsen • November 1, 2021
During the third week of October, the executive and management team at Get The Referral met for a Le...
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What's a Branded Mobile App & What are the Advantages for My Business?

Av Mikayla Martinsen • October 19, 2021
According to, “A branded app is a mobile application created by a company to promote ...
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How to Promote Your Customer Referral Program.

Av Barbara Domingues • December 30, 2020
Why Is Promoting A Referral Program Important? First, let's start by defining referral marketing: th...
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Leads and Referrals - Knowing the Difference

Av Barbara Domingues • December 1, 2020
What Is The Difference Between Leads And Referrals? In our sales demonstration and training, we have...
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The Secrets of Setting Up Your B2B Referral Program.

Av Barbara Domingues • October 29, 2020
B2B Referral Program Why are Referrals so important? We know word of mouth plays a special trust rol...
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Making a Referral Agreement Can Help Your Business

Av Barbara Domingues • September 18, 2020
The easiest, most common way to create a referral fee agreement is to either use an existing one or ...
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Webinar: Brand Reputation and Referrals

Av Barbara Domingues • September 10, 2020
Brand Reputation is a key component of a company's success since happy customers are the best market...
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How Can You Structure Your Referral Commissions?

Av Barbara Domingues • September 9, 2020
Referral Commissions Referral marketing has so many benefits for your business that it’s easy to for...
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Webinar: How Referral Payments Can Attract New Customers and Add Revenue Streams

Av Barbara Domingues • August 3, 2020
Our CEO, Jamey Vumback, spoke during this engaging round table discussion with our payment partner X...
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Panel: Home Service Software Update

Av Barbara Domingues • April 3, 2020
The current scenario of economic uncertainty is definitely impacting all kinds of businesses: compan...
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Referral Fees: Best Practices for Success

Av Marina Aragon • February 18, 2020
  This short guide may be the most valuable reading you’ll do for a long time to come. Benefiting fr...
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