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By using the Advocator app you will increase your brand exposure while obtaining the highest quality leads available. Watch your network grow as members earn rewards and cash by referring your products and services. 

Grow Your Business And Your Market Presence

Using an app to get new leads will not only increase your sales revenue,  it will grow your overall presence in the marketplace. With our easy-to-use app you give your customers, freinds, sales team and network a great tool to earn fast rewards and cash from the convenience of their phone or tablet. Our Get The Referral app is the best way to generate word-of-mouth referrals. We'll personalize this highly innovative app just for you. Work with our highly skilled team to build, implement and execute an effective customer referral program.


Your app couldn’t be easier to use and manage.

Better Customer Engagement

You can send automated push notifications from your app dashboard to stay in touch with your customers and refilliates.

Great Salespeople Involvement

What better way to engage your salespeople with thier existing customer base, friends and family than to have them generating leads?

The Best Close Ratio In The Industry

40-50% of transactions come from referrals versus other types of leads, which typically convert in the single-digit range. That means a significantly shortened sales cycle.


Guide To A Better Customer Referral Program For Your Solar Company

Find out how to use referrals as your best source of sales qualified leads.

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Find out what referral marketing is and why it is the best lead generation method today. Use our custom app to automate your leads today

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Guide To Setting Up a Customer Referral Program in Your Company

Learn how you can create a high producing lead source and scale it to your company. Our customer referral app can help.

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