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Step 1

People in your network (Advocates) can refer anytime and anywhere right on their phone, with a Referral App

Advocator App is a free Referral App available to anyone who wants to earn rewards and money for sending referrals. The Advocator App is a customizable application created for your specific business. The app is powered for both iOS and Android SmartPhones & Tablets.

With the Advocator App, your customers, sales team (and anyone else) can quickly and easily provide a referral, anytime and anywhere. All they need is their phone! Rewards and payments are automatic.

What is an Advocate?
Advocates can be your customers, family, friends, acquaintances – or ANYONE, really. As soon as someone signs in to the Advocator App they become an Advocate and start using the App to send referrals.

GTR Dashboard and Login

Step 2

Receive notifications and updates in a fully automated lead generation system.

The challenge with word of mouth referrals is that they can be difficult to organize and follow up on. Now you can have a fully automated referral program that is easy for you to monitor and manage. With your Advocator referral app, you will have a desktop dashboard to manage, assign and analyze how effective your referral/lead generation is.

Our team will work closely with your business as you monetize your new referral app. We'll help you use your automated platform to manage your new referral network and make sure that it is launched properly. Contact us today for a demo to see what your new Advocator referral app will look like in daily action.


Step 3

Make contact with your referrals and turn leads into sales.

Make contact or meet face to face with your referral leads and easily update their status and progress all the way through to a sale. Now your new customer can even become a new Advocate and start making referrals as well!

Step 4

Reward your Advocate with incentives – prompting them to refer more.

The automated rewards system quickly rewards your Advocates prompting them to make more referrals. You can tailor your rewards system to best fit your business. With a customer referral program in place, you can see daily results right on your dashboard. Contact us today to get a demo of your new custom mobile app.


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