Use the GTR Advocator App to Automated Your Customer Referral Program

Integegrate a customized Mobile App solution today. Build a complete customer referral program and manage it at your desktop with cloud based technology.


Custom Referral App

Use our custom app to create a fully automated referral marketing program for your business. The most highly regarded form of lead is the personal referral. Make it easy for your business to get those highly coveted leads.

Dedicated Get The Referral Web Page

We help you jumpstart your referral program with our customized personal web partner page. This page is hosted on our secure server and helps you to manage your Advocates and manage your referral and rewards program.

Manage Right From Your Dashboard

You can manage and monitor all your users here. Assign refilliates and track payments and rewards with Dwolla. Your app is the front end and you manage all from the cloud.

Messaging and PUSH Notifications

With all of the rules and regulations around text messaging you can use your Advocator App to have instant messaging and notifications with your network. With Email becoming less popular than messaging, this is a great plus.

Email From Your Dashboard

Send and receive emails from your Advocates, customers and friends right from the app to your dashboard. Keep in contact with notifications to avoid the log jam in your inbox.

Social Media Sharing

Get instant sharing and engagment on social media right from your Get The Referral app. People can share their excitment receiving rewards and payment with their friends, who can in turn sign up themselves.

Create Your Own Customer Referral Program

Create Individual groups

Create different programs and rewards for your sales team, employees and even friends who refer. You can offer progressive rewards for your most responsive Advocate referrers. 

Automate Your Referral Program

Create individual workflows, campaigns and sequences. Create rewards and payments that can be held or paid out automatically with the click on your mobile phone or tablet.

Fast & secure payments with ADVOCATOR PAY

Your payment to Advocates and others can be automated and be instantaneous. They meet the requirements for payment and they receive it in real time. That's feedback!


Guide To A Better Customer Referral Program For Your Solar Company

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