The Modern Method To Generate and Close Leads

Welcome to the world of  app marketing. Our Get The Referral mobile app is the first of its kind to bring prospects and leads right from someone’s smart phone or tablet to your business.


GetTheReferral is a personalized  app that helps grow your business' network of referral clients. Your app will be created and broadcast through the Apple “app store” and Google's “Google Play.” The app is the gateway to your dashboard in the cloud. From your command central desktop you can manage your refilliate network, sales teams, friends and family as they grow your business and get rewarded for doing it.


After we've added your business app and made it available for nationwide distribution, it's time to create your Customer Referral Program. Your app comes with a user-friendly web-based dashboard to manage all of the referral activity and rewards payouts. This enables you to control how your app gets into the hands of people who can and will refer your business and ensure they are receiving rewards and payments promptly and automatically. We will help you get set-up and show you step-by-step how you can put your refilliates, sales team, friends and family to work as they earn rewards and money in the process.



Your app couldn’t be easier to use and manage.

Push Notifications

Use your dashboard to send app users customized notifications about incentives, deals, and other promotions.

Direct messaging - or chat

Chat directly with app users on an interface like Facebook chat. Avoid the complications with SMS text and go straight through the app.


Track your Reffilliates as they share products via social media of your choosing. Grow engagement, awareness and reputation.


Give your clients the ability to monitor their home solar usage (for our solar partners).

Your Custom App by Get The Referral includes all of the following features:

sunpower_app.png Custom Mobile app in app Store & Google play

Custom Admin Dashboard

Refilliate Welcome Email & Customer Referral Program Support

Email Support

Custom Referral Partner Webpage w/ WebApp

Refilliate Analytics and Metrics

Automated Electronic Reward Payments When Qualified

Live Phone Support


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