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We pride ourselves on the fact that all of our customers would gladly tell others to use us.


Cory of Infinity Energy | Get The ReferralCompany: Infinity Energy

Customer: Cory Gilbert, CFO/Owner

“We’ve seen great success with GetTheReferral by integrating the app with our sales team and our customers. Referral leads already have a built in trust factor and our percentage of closing those leads is much higher, our typical ratio is about 25% with GTR leads they are better than 50%. Our overall sales have increased by 20% since we implemented the GTR app.” I give the app a thumbs up and would recommend it to others."

Kyle_Frazier.pngCompany: West Coast Solar

Customer: Kyle Frazier, Sales Manager

“Our lead generation left something to be desired and we really liked the idea of a custom branded mobile app to grow customer referrals. It didn’t take long for our app to appear in the Apple and Google stores. We now have solid buy-in from our customer base and our internal sales team. This is a great way for business to generate leads without the high cost of some other methods.”

Andrea | RePower Company: RePower by Solar Universe

Customer: Andrea Watterson, General Manager

“We started with our customer referral program in January 2015. Our sales team loves the referrals and now that we have begun to reward the refilliates the leads are highly qualified. We have seen a growth in referral sales and we see upward trends in referrals on our dashboard. I would recommend GetTheReferral as a lead generation source to companies in our solar industry and other industries as well.”


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