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We pride ourselves on the fact that all of our customers would gladly tell others to use us.
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mr-roofingCompany: Mr. Roofing

Customer: Carlos Rodriguez, Owner and President

“For a year we have been testing diffErent ways to present the project virtually to customers and the GTR app expedites the process. Regarding technology, if we are not keeping up with the way people are, the convenience of how people buy, you can fade away pretty easily. Also millennial are now buying homes or replacing roofs, and they are used to technology." Read More


Company: AllSeason Solar

Customer: Alyssa Provinzano, Project Specialist

“As a Solar Contractor that has been in business since the early 2000’s, referrals can easily cross paths between existing customers within the same neighborhoods. When we signed on board with Get The Referral in December of 2018, we’ve noticed a huge difference in the organization of referrals and who is exactly responsible for each referral. Using GTR is not only convenient for the customer but just as convenient for us too! Before GTR, we used to hand-deliver gift cards to each customer. Now we can easily transfer money electronically, and the customers love that the cash is able to be funded straight to their bank account!"


jeffrey-sallas-elevationCompany: Elevation Solar

Customer: Jeffrey Salas, Lead Generation Magner

"Customers can leave a review from the advocator. They can send their referrals. We can pay them directly through the App for their referrals and they can access their monitoring systems on the application as well. I’m using it on with every customer and it’s been helpful. If you want to generate more referral business and you want it to be done seamlessly, using GetTheReferral makes that happen!" Read More


Company: Energy Concepts

Customer: Ryan Gutierrez, Marketing Sales Manager

“You can really create a great engagement with that customer and continue to build that referral relationship with them by utilizing the app.”
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safe-haven-directorCompany: Safe Haven Security

Customer: Ryan Ross, inside Sales Director

"The element of transparency and the speed of transaction are the greatest benefits of using GetTheReferral! With the app we're able to stay on the Advocate's phone, in front of them all the time, and remind them to send us more business on a more frequent basis." Read More

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Kate of RevoluSun | Get The ReferralCompany: RevoluSun

Customer: Kate Ivers, Marketing Communication Coordinator

“Our closing ratio with referrals is probably at least 2x better compared with other customers sources, it's definitely solid. Referrals are really important for our business. Specifically in our industry (solar) our customer acquisition cost is very expensive. Referrals lower our customer acquisition cost tremendously. We love getting referrals because they close easier and are cheaper."

Kristie of SunPro | Get The ReferralCompany: SunPro Solar

Customer: Kristie Moser, Director of Marketing

“The sales reps feel confident that they are going to get those leads because of the way that GTR is set up. It definitely encourages them to continue to push to have people under their salesman name. It's definitely been huge for them to get leads and be able to have more opportunities.” Read More


Kyle_Frazier.pngCompany: Freedom Solar Power

Customer: Kyle Frazier, Sales Manager

“Our lead generation left something to be desired and we really liked the idea of a custom branded mobile app to grow customer referrals. It didn’t take long for our app to appear in the Apple and Google stores. We now have solid buy-in from our customer base and our internal sales team. This is a great way for business to generate leads without the high cost of some other methods.”

Cory of Infinity Energy | Get The ReferralCompany: Infinity Energy

Customer: Cory Gilbert, CFO/Owner

“We’ve seen great success with GetTheReferral by integrating the app with our sales team and our customers. Referral leads already have a built-in trust factor and our percentage of closing those leads is much higher, our typical ratio is about 25% with GTR leads they are better than 50%. Our overall sales have increased by 20% since we implemented the GTR app. I give the app a thumbs up and would recommend it to others."


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