1-Nov-05-2023-10-18-06-2085-PMCustomer experience is crucial in the field of home services. The client experience is often the differentiating feature that distinguishes a company in an increasingly competitive marketplace. In the case of home services, where offerings may be comparable, attentiveness, responsiveness, and personalization in the service can sway a customer's choice and encourage repeat business. Customers' satisfaction and appreciation for great service are directly linked to loyalty.

Positive customer experiences also encourage referrals and are the foundation of long-term business growth. A satisfied customer becomes not only a repeat customer but also an advocate for the brand, effectively providing a channel for organic marketing and new customer acquisition. Companies can develop a superior customer journey that not only meets but exceeds expectations by employing a branded referral application, fostering an environment where loyalty and referrals become the engines of expansion.

How to Thank Your Customers

Personalized Thank You Notes

Personalization is an important feature of relationship management in any business, especially in the context of client appreciation. Personalization cuts through the noise in the digital age, where automated replies and mass marketing efforts are the norm, signaling to the client that they are valued on a personal basis.

Here are some quick guidelines to help you write sincere thank-you notes:

Be Specific: Mention the specific service or interaction for which you are grateful, as this demonstrates that you pay attention to the intricacies of the customer's experience.

Express Sincerity: Avoid using general terms to express sincerity. Use wording that represents your brand's voice and expresses genuine appreciation.

Promptness Counts: Send the thank you note as soon as the service is completed to demonstrate that client happiness is a top priority.

Personal Touch: Include the customer's name and any personal details that would add warmth to your remark, such as how pleasurable it was to assist them in improving their property.

Look Forward: Express your want to serve them again, which creates continuous commercial partnerships.

Your thank you letters can help you develop stronger, more personal ties with your consumers if you follow these guidelines.


Special Discounts or Rewards

Offering discounts is a real way to say "thank you" and encourage customers to return. It also shows that you value their loyalty. Giving customers thoughtful benefits for referring others can get them to care more about your brand and become active advocates for your brand. 

Here's an example of how a company that does home services might set up incentives:

Loyalty Discounts: Put together a tiered discount system so that the savings get bigger with each service. For example, after the first service, a customer saves 5% on the next job. On the third service, that discount goes up to 10%, and so on. This encourages ongoing patronage and rewards repeat business.

Referral Rewards: This is our specialty! Customers can get a referral reward for every new customer they bring in as part of a referral program. For example, if a customer refers a friend who books a service, they may get a $100 reward, depending on your program. 

Anniversary Acknowledgement: To mark the anniversary of a customer's first service, give them a special deal, like a discount or a free extra for their next booking in the anniversary month. Sometimes simply acknowledging the date and sharing your appreciation is enough.

By creating these carefully thought-out incentives, a business not only shows respect for their customers' business but also encourages them to do business with them again and again and to tell their friends about them. This builds a strong customer base and a healthier bottom line.


Encourage customers to share their experiences and refer others

Show off your successful home renovations and happy customers on social media, and talk about how word of mouth has helped you build an image as a trustworthy home services provider. Set up your company referral program to get your network to tell their friends about your business. Stress how important personal recommendations are as proof of how good and reliable your business is. Customers who promote your business should be rewarded with incentives and bonuses. This will encourage them to keep doing what they're doing and solidify your online reputation as a customer-focused home improvement expert.

The Harvard Business Review highlights a compelling correlation between customer retention and profitability, stating that a mere 5% increase in customer retention can potentially yield a substantial increase in earnings, ranging from 25% to 95%.  This is an important figure for companies, especially those that provide home services, where getting new customers is often more expensive than keeping old ones.

Building Long-Term Relationships with Customers

Providing Excellent Customer Service Consistently

Ensure that every customer interaction is an opportunity to reinforce trust and satisfaction. A report by Salesforce states that 64% of consumers and 80% of business buyers expect companies to respond and interact with them in real-time. 

A branded referral application meets this expectation, offering immediate communication channels for updates and inquiries. This level of responsiveness not only meets the customer's instant needs but also improves their overall experience, which is important for keeping a trustworthy brand in the aggressive home services market.

Going Above and Beyond Customer Expectations

Going above and beyond what customers expect is a smart business move that can help a home services brand stand out in a crowded market. To anticipate what a customer will need, you have to be proactive and understand and address their worries before they even happen. As a result of this forward-thinking service, customers may have great experiences that spread good word of mouth and make customers more loyal.

To go above and beyond, you could give personalized tips on home maintenance, check in with customers after the service to make sure they're happy, or offer extra services for free that add value. In this way, a business not only meets the basic needs of the service but also gives the customer something extra that can make them happy. This approach helps people see the brand as one that cares about its customers' comfort and well-being, not just seeing the bottom line. Customers may see a business as a simple service provider, but these unique experiences can turn them into a trusted partner. This builds a strong customer base that will likely return and tell others about the service.

Continuing to Appreciate and Reward Loyal Customers

To keep your business going strong and thriving, especially in the home services industry, you need to continue to value and thank your loyal customers. One of the unique ways to reach out to your customers is using Push Notifications. A branded app by GTR offers the capability to send Push Notifications out to specific advocates (for a personal thank you) or all of your advocates (for a wider message to broadcast). Our platform even offers the ability to schedule Push Notifications in advance.

To keep a cycle of appreciation going, you want to make loyalty and referral programs that give real benefits for returning customers, like rewards that get better over time, early entry to new services, or special events just for them. It also turns people into advocates who are more likely to tell others about their good experiences and refer new prospects to your business. 


To sum up, showing appreciation for customers is an important part of the home services business. We've talked about personalized thank-you cards, special discounts, customer referrals, and other ways to keep relationships going for a long time. Home services businesses are advised to make these habits a part of how they do business. Providing a  quality customer experience and showing genuine appreciation can mean gaining loyal customers and more referrals.

Having your own branded referral app is a great way to keep clients and grow your service area. It's an investment in your business's growth and proof that you care about providing a quality customer experience. If you want to learn more about what a branded referral app can do for your business, please book a demo below. Together, we can engage your network and generate more referrals than ever before.Click Here to Book a Demo