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Happy New Year! Now that 2021 has come to a close, it's time to take a look at the upcoming trends in the residential solar and roofing industries as we kick-off 2022. These industries are always evolving and there will be many changes that come as a surprise, but here are some of the trends we think will be most important in the year to come.

Solar Batteries and home energy storage will create new opportunities and availability to homeowners looking to install solar panels. On the roofing side, eco-friendly solutions will also grow due to increasing demand and increased efficiency as customers demand reduced utilities as a part of their roofing renovations.

Solar Industry Trends - 2022 Next Steps

Since the market for energy storage is also expected to boom in the coming years, driven by falling costs, there will be six times the amount of energy storage installed in 2022 than there was in 2020, for a total of 8 gigawatts expected next year.

solar-trendsIn 2022, an increased number of solar and energy storage projects will be deployed in order to meet the United States’ domestic climate goals. Stationary energy storage projects, paired with solar, can enable a stable flow of electric supply to match demand while lowering energy costs. Projects that use energy storage offer a multitude of benefits, including helping to manage energy fluctuations, lessen curtailment risks, lower prices through arbitrage, unlock time-of-use rates and ancillary services, and offer sources of backup power during emergencies.

Customers who are looking to install a solar system, as well as a new roof, may also be interested in Solar roofing. Rather than using large solar panels, builders will be turning to photovoltaic shingles. These solar shingles work like the original solar panels, but they look like traditional asphalt shingles.

Depending on the location and amount of solar shingles, some homeowners and business owners have been able to become energy independent. Solar shingles are new to the market and will continue to grow in popularity.

Roofing Industry Trends - 2022 Next Steps

Eco-Friendly trends are also on the horizon for roofing in 2022. Homeowners are increasingly interested in different roofing trends such as ‘cool roofs’. Cool roofs can help homeowners keep their homes cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

To make a cool roof, builders install a reflective coating over the roofing materials. The coating is usually a light color, but manufacturers make them in colors that coordinate with home styles and tones. The light color reflects radiant heat, reducing energy bills and wear-and-tear on air conditioning units.

roofing-industry-trendsAnother eco-friendly roofing practice taking off into 2022 is green roofing. These are roofs with gardens that effectively use rainwater and provide a natural shade that reduces energy costs. Green roofs like 'cool roofs,' but use vegetation rather than reflective coatings.

Before installing a green roof, contractors need to take care of potential drainage problems. A green roof needs aeration and drainage while being able to hold the weight of the organic material that holds the vegetation. The best green roofs need proper support, so greenery can grow without damaging the building material beneath it.

As a cheap alternative to both eco-friendly roofing practices, other customers are interested in synthetic roofing. Manufacturers make synthetic shingles from rubber and plastic, and they construct them in different shapes and colors. Builders use them to create customized roofs that look stylish and modern.

To make synthetic roofing materials even more attractive, they are less expensive than traditional materials. Manufacturers can recycle the materials when homeowners and business owners decide they want new roofing materials.

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