GTR-Wallet-Webinar-06-27-24We recently hosted an insightful webinar exploring how the GTR Wallet feature can revolutionize referral programs for home services companies. Here are the key takeaways from the live session, we're highlighting the GTR Wallet - just one of the many powerful features the GTR platform offers.

The Impact of The GTR Wallet

During the webinar, the team shared compelling 2023 data, showing the significant impact of the GTR Wallet. Companies using this feature saw:

GTR-Wallet-Webinar-06-27-24 (1)These statistics highlight the power of the GTR Wallet in driving referral success and boosting overall business performance. The webinar also provides real-world examples of GTR Customer Advocates (whose names have been changed for privacy purposes) who are earning and redeeming referral rewards in the GTR Wallet in the thousands of dollars. While many customers who do not use the GTR Wallet find success, active use of the wallet is crucial for maximizing its benefits.

Watch the webinar replay below:

During the webinar, the team provided a detailed overview of how the GTR Wallet works from both the advocate and business perspectives. Advocates can easily refer others and track their rewards, while businesses can manage these referrals through the GTR Dashboard and XTRM, our 3rd party payment processing partner.

Steps to Success with GTR Wallet

Here's how you set up your GTR Wallet:
1. Become a GTR Customer
2. Set up your XTRM account
3. Link the bank account
4. Fund the wallet
5. Start paying out your advocates regularly! 

The GTR Wallet is a powerful tool that can transform your referral program. If you are an existing GTR customer, please contact your Customer Success Manager for any support you need with the setup process. In addition, your CSM can meet with you to discuss best practices and discuss strategies to boost your results.

We look forward to seeing you at our next webinar. Let’s make 2024 the year of exponential growth through referral programs with GTR!

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