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JAM_BLOG-GTR Referral Program 2023 (1)In the highly competitive world of roofing and solar businesses, having a great online image is very important. Customers often start their trip by reading reviews. A good review can help your business, but a bad one can hurt it.

But there is a silver lining: a bad review can be turned into a chance with the right online reputation management strategies.

Method #1 - Stay Calm and Analyze the Feedback

When you're in the roofing and solar panel business, feedback can come to you fast. Sometimes you might get a complaint about a roofing job or a solar panel delay. When that happens, stay calm. It's a good idea to check that feedback against your records. Sometimes, it's just a mix-up or misunderstanding.

But here's the kicker: how you handle that feedback can make or break your business reputation. Be upfront and clear when you respond. It shows you value quality and customer service. And always remember, every comment, good or bad, is a chance to shine and promote your roofing & solar panel services.

Method #2 - Answer Quickly but Thoughtfully

Online reviews have a big effect on your business, especially in the online age that we live in. Most people do a search online for reviews before making a purchase these days, especially if it's a large purchase. Every review is public, which potentially affects possible clients. Respectful responses aren't just polite; they also shape how people see your brand.

Reviews are often how people choose services when it comes to home improvement projects. Sincere and well-thought-out responses build trust online and help others decide what to do. 

Quick Response Template: "Thank you for your feedback, [Customer Name]. We appreciate your insights and are committed to ensuring the best service. We'd love to discuss your experience further. Please reach out to our team at [Contact Information], and let's make it right!"

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Method #3 - Publich Acknowledgement & Private Discussion

Start by replying publicly so that everyone can see how proactive you are. This is especially important to prospects who are thinking about roof replacements or solar panel warranties. But if you want to talk about something in depth or find a solution to an issue expressed in their review, it's best to switch to a more private channel. 

You can do this by saying something like, "We value your feedback and would love to talk about this more. Please email us at [] or call us at [phone number] so we can work on a solution that is to your satisfaction." This direct method not only helps you figure out if the feedback is real, but it also shows that you're serious about listening and finding good solutions.

Method #4 - Don't Make Excuses, Offer Solutions

It is essential for contractors and business owners to openly communicate about and address problems that arise while demonstrating their commitment to the highest business practices.

If a customer reports that you were late installing their solar panels because of the weather, don't just say that the weather was to blame. Instead, say something like, "We're sorry for the delay, but the weather changed without warning. We're giving a free upkeep check after installation to make up for the inconvenience." Whether you're talking about solar energy choices, roof warranties, insurance claims, or giving accurate estimates, your answer should be short and focused on a solution. 

Focusing on solutions instead of problems shows commitment and it helps build trust and customer happiness over time. Sometimes problems come up, but how you communicate and work to resolve the matter is what is most important.

Method #5 - Ask Satisfied Customers to Write Reviews (and Referrals)

Encourage happy customers to talk about their experiences as a regular part of company practice. I good stream of consistently positive reviews helps balance out any bad ones.

Five-star reviews are very important in the roofing and solar panel business. Two main reasons for these high marks include 1) your team's good behavior in the field, and 2) a quality customer experience. Even though a perfect installation might be impressive, it's often the chats, service, and quick problem-solving that push a review from good to amazing. 

And when you get those positive reviews, take it a step further and ask for a referral. It's as simple as saying "Thank you for the 5-star review! We're thrilled to hear that we provided you with the level of quality service that we strive for. If you know anyone who could use our services, we'd be grateful for the referral. We'll be sure to take good care of them."

Method #6 - Monitor Your Online Reputation

Newletter_Graphics (6)In today's digital world, it's important to know when your company is being discussed online. Alerts in real-time can help you stay on top of things. Here are some good ways to keep an eye on your online reputation:

Google Alerts is a free tool that lets you set up alerts for when your business name or related keywords are mentioned online. You receive an email alert right away when something pops up online.

ReviewTrackers lets you know how customers feel by giving you information from more than 100 review sites. 

Mention is an all-in-one tool that finds out where your brand is being talked about, including on social media, blogs, and other places.

Social Media Management Tools: Sites like Hootsuite and Sprout Social let you track mentions of your brand across different social media platforms and put them all in one place.

The GTR Review Portal also provides a powerful way to manage your online reviews from various platforms. Our platform also offers powerful tracking of referrals and advocates (i.e. those who refer your company) so you know who's sending both reviews and referrals. This data provides you with the opportunity to amplify your online reputation and your business by capitalizing on reviews and referrals by crossing them over, maximizing their potential.

By using tools like Google Alerts and our Review Portal, you'll always know what's going on with your company's online reputation and be ready to connect with your online audience in a good way.

Method #7 - Learn and Get Better

Use review feedback and negative comments to help you improve. After answering a review, work with your team to figure out what problems led to a negative review, whether it be unexpected delays, problems with the quality of the materials, or price issues.

For price comments, put communication first. Explain the prices and the value they're getting in return, such as premium roofing, advanced solar technology, and warranties. If the same problems keep coming up, it might be time to change the prices or offer different ways to pay. Each honest review provides an opportunity to analyze and improve. 

Method #8 - Think About Asking a Third Party to Meditate

Even though sites like Yelp and Google Business have ways to report bad reviews, it's important to be careful when taking this approach. If you think a review is fake, spam-related, or blatantly untrue (and you can prove that), reporting these types of reviews to the platform can sometimes help in getting them removed.

However, if the review is fair and provides a customer's honest experience, no matter how negative, it's always best to first talk to that person directly about the issues they had. This makes your commitment to excellence clear and it shows that you're serious about finding a solution. 

Method #9 - Ask for Updated Reviews

In many cases, getting an issue resolved directly with the customer can lead to them removing the bad review or at least updating it with the positive experience they had in resolving their issue. It never hurts to ask. Updated review feedback not only clears up any possible mistakes but also shows potential customers that you are serious about handling and fixing problems.

Make sure the time is right to ask. Don't ask for a review to be removed or updated until you're sure the customer's problem has been solved completely to the customer's satisfaction. This provides proof that you really care about providing a positive customer experience and making sure your customers are happy.

Method #10 - Teach Your Staff

Make sure your team knows how important online reviews are, whether they're offering an in-home consultation or on the roof working on a project. Service quality starts on the ground. Make sure that everyone in your company, especially those who work directly with customers, knows how important it is to talk about solutions. Talk about and evaluate past answers often to make sure the standard stays high.

In Closing

Online reviews have a big effect on solar, roofing, and other home service businesses. Even though a negative review can be disappointing and even upsetting, remember it provides an opportunity to use the tips above to grow and improve. Your commitment to customer satisfaction will be clear from how quickly and nicely you respond. And remember, satisfied customers make great advocates, which leads to referrals and new business.

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