It’s almost like an untamed explosion of cheer erupting inside your heart when you get a referral from a customer.  Growing your business seems more reachable when a new opportunity for growth arises from a customer’s referral. The pressure of generating leads, and the seemingly endless amount of unreliable lead generation strategies you may have tried to use, can leave you struggling to grow. Or worse, poor lead generation can be the primary reason for sales disaster.

Many smart entrepreneurs and marketers are investing in customer referral programs and strategies that are maximizing the amount of revenue generation they experience from their existing networks. Instead of buying leads or making cold calls, you need to understand how you can make customer referrals your primary lead source while saving thousands of dollars on marketing in 2019.

Get Total Buy-in from Your Team

A house divided cannot stand! To achieve maximum success with a referral marketing strategy, each key player must do their part. Referrals can come through existing customers, past customers, family, friends, professional and personal networks, and even prospects!

Get your team together and develop the workflow processes to make sure that every member is ready to capitalize on every referral.

Invest in a Tool that Helps You Execute

To develop and execute a referral program that constantly provides new business opportunities, your company needs to balance a few key factors:

1. Continuous education and promotion of your referral program to your audience;

2. An easy way for your audience to send you referrals, and;

3. An effective way to manage and track your referrals throughout the sales funnel.

Investing in customer referral marketing will help you reduce your costs in many other marketing channels.  To those who want to build a powerful customer referral program while leveraging superior tracking and program management features, we suggest clicking here to learn more about GetTheReferral.

Take Your Referral Program Public

You may have a referral program, and you might even offer attractive rewards, but your audience needs to know about your referral program from places other than your verbal efforts. To generate a consistent flow of referral leads, you need to make sure you offer many ways for your audience to learn about your customer referral program.

1. Create a page on your website outlining how your referral program works is a fabulous start;

2. Expand the reach of your referral program by developing email marketing campaigns that educate and entice your audience to send you referrals;

3. Promote your referral program on social media and, if you have a mobile application, use direct messaging and push notifications to update your audience and to increase engagement.

Toot Your Own Horn

It is healthy to celebrate success. When the team pulls off a massive project, or when you have a nice story from a client to tell, let the world know!

Success stories and testimonials can be a powerful reminder to your audience that you are an incredible company. Stay relevant to your audience by constantly building value in your product and service, this will afford your audience the opportunity to share your company with the people they care about most.

Always Seek to Delight Your Customers 

If you want to be a self-sustaining and growth-oriented company, then you will need to provide tremendous value to your customers. Your on-boarding, installation, and implementation processes need to be fast and effective. 

Your ability to maximize revenue from your current customers will result from factors ranging from your product or service functionality to the way you handle customer requests, and the way you answer the phone.  If you want to spend less time thinking of how you can generate new leads, then treat your customers so good that they are happy to spread the word!

To Conclude

A customer referral program can be your marketing channel yielding the highest ROI, and referral marketing can allow you to reduce the costs associated with other traditional, less-controllable forms of marketing.

Everyone on your team needs to be involved to maximize the number of referrals you receive. Promoting and educating your audience about your referral program will be a critical factor in your overall referral lead growth. And use every touch point throughout your prospect and customer life-cycles to engage and invite your audience to send you referrals. 

If you want to learn more about how a referral software can increase your sales, schedule a demo today and we will show you! 

Building a Successful Referral App