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On Veterans Day, our founder and CEO Jamey Vumback was a guest on the Hook Better Leads Contractor Marketing podcast, hosted by Tim Brown. Hook Agency helps contractors be more profitable and effective with their digital marketing strategies (how to make a more effective website and rank higher on Google) and by interviewing experts on topics like sales, leadership, finance, and workflow.

In this episode of the podcast, Jamey shares his wisdom on the topic of how to get your salespeople to ask for referrals. We know it's not easy. You just asked for the sale...and now you're supposed to ask for a referral too? Maybe it can wait...?

Asking for Referrals Shouldn't Wait. Make it Part of the Sales Process. 

In this clip from the podcast, Jamey explains why incorporating your referral program early in the sales process is so important to your success. If you'd like to see your referrals go from 10-20% of your business to 60-70%, you're going to want to watch this. 

Tim Brown asked some great questions that lead Jamey to share some powerful insights for contractors that are looking to generate more sales and more referrals.  He talked about how and why he started the company, Get The Referral. He shares why it's so crucial to stay top-of-mind with your customers if you want to ensure a quality customer experience and an advocate after their project is finished (or that product is delivered).

If you're an account executive, a sales manager, or an owner of a solar, roofing, or other home improvement company, this podcast contains important information that will help you generate better quality leads through referrals. 

Watch the full podcast episode below:

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