Giving Thanks: How to Turn Customer Appreciation into Loyalty and Sales

Av Jameila Bito-On • November 6, 2023
Customer experience is crucial in the field of home services. The client experience is often the dif...
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10 Reliable Ways To Handle Negative Business Reviews

Av Jameila Bito-On • October 2, 2023
In the highly competitive world of roofing and solar businesses, having a great online image is very...
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The GTR Referral Program

Av Mikayla Martinsen • September 5, 2023
Everything You Need to Know About the GTR Referral Program We've made some updates to our referral p...
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Unlocking Seamless Efficiency: Introducing API and Zapier Integrations

Av Mikayla Martinsen • August 17, 2023
At Get The Referral (GTR), we are committed to continuously enhancing your experience and empowering...
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How Social Media Can Drive Success for Solar and Roofing Companies

Av Mikayla Martinsen • August 7, 2023
In 2023, the power of social media continues to shape the way businesses engage with their audience ...
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How Using Project Images Can Boost Your Home Improvement Business

Av Mikayla Martinsen • July 3, 2023
In the competitive world of the home improvement industry, standing out and capturing the attention ...
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Boost Your Business: The Benefits of Automating Your Referral Program

Av Mikayla Martinsen • June 6, 2023
As a home improvement company, your referral program is crucial to growing your business. We underst...
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Posigen: A GTR Customer Spotlight

Av Mikayla Martinsen • April 24, 2023
Looking for an inspiring story about a customer who is leading the way in the renewable energy space...
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How to Effectively Use Mobile Push Notifications for Your Business

Av Mikayla Martinsen • March 10, 2023
In the age of digital marketing, mobile app push notifications are a great way to keep customers eng...
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12 Powerful Referral Reward Ideas to Boost Your Business

Av Barbara Domingues • February 13, 2023
Word of mouth marketing is one of the biggest drivers of revenue growth, but to be effective you nee...
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5 Referral Marketing Ideas For Your Company

Av Grace Venzor • December 6, 2022
The world of digital marketing is changing, and with it, the ways companies advertise their products...
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GTR Competitor Comparison: Are We the Best for Your Business?

Av Mikayla Martinsen • November 2, 2022
Who is Get The Referral Competing With? Get The Referral (GTR) makes it easy for companies to get mo...
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