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The VIP Advocate Program

Copy of Newsletter Email Header (1)GTR is thrilled to announce an exclusive new facet of our Referral Program. We relaunched our Referral Program a few months ago and are seeing growing success. As we continue to build our base of advocates, we're always looking for new ways to improve the program and add enhanced benefits for our advocates. We know that we can help our advocates network with the most powerful referral tool on the market. We also want to help you create a lucrative new profit center. It’s a win-win-win!

Learn more below and click here to sign up for our referral program today!

The GTR Referral Program offers the following referral rewards to all of our Advocates:
* $50 USD for every qualified referral (any referral that meets online with the GTR team).
* $1,000 USD for every referral sold (any referral that signs up to become a GTR customer).

VIP Advocates will receive the following bonuses & perks in addition to all of the regular referral rewards above:
* $1,000 USD bonus for every 5 referrals sold
* Printed marketing and promotional materials
* Personalized QR code to make it easy to sign up referrals
* GTR swag box (includes snazzy branded T-shirts, a tote, a hat, etc.)
* Direct support and email access to Barbara Domingues - GTR Referral Champion

Now, imagine for a moment that five (5) of your GTR referrals became customers each month. That’s an extra $6,250 each month as a VIP Advocate!

How do I collect my referral rewards & VIP Advocate bonuses?

You will be paid through the GTR app. The GTR App allows you to transfer your money directly into your bank account, or receive payments in the form of digital gift cards, or prepaid VISA cards.

I hope you’re as excited about this opportunity as we are!

Click Here to Join!

If you have any questions, contact us here.