MHI Roofing and GTR

Av Barbara Domingues • June 23, 2021
It's all about data! Jon Broce, Managing Partner at MHI Roofing always knew this is the way to go, b...
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Allied Experts and GTR

Av Barbara Domingues • March 11, 2021
Allied Experts found Get The Referral to be the perfect platform to manage their referrals and make ...
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Seal Solar and GTR

Av Barbara Domingues • November 18, 2020
In the past, Seal Solar used to manage their referrals through spreadsheets, word document forms and...
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EAS Roofing and GTR

Av Barbara Domingues • October 23, 2020
EAS Roofing has been in the market for 10 years now and Eugene Smith, the owner, met our team at Win...
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KG Solar Solutions and GTR

Av Barbara Domingues • September 10, 2020
KG Solar Solutions is a one man shop in California who saw the value in GTR's platform to help him m...
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2020 TopSolar Contractors

Av James Vumback • July 22, 2020
We are proud to have them as our customers and excited with their results, take a look at the GTR cu...
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Q1 2020 Feature Release

Av Barbara Domingues • April 30, 2020
You asked for it, you got it! #WeGotThis
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Mr. Roofing And GTR

Av Barbara Domingues • April 2, 2020
Mr. Roofing is a Roofing and Solar company in San Francisco. They've been a GTR customer for a long ...
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Buildpro and GTR

Av Barbara Domingues • February 11, 2020
The PRO COMPANIES works with solar, energy and roofing. Kristie Moser, the Director of Marketing, te...
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